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chain link fence In January - July, jiangxi the JiAnShi foreign trade import and export company exceeded operation foreign exchange 200 million management us dollars, 211 million management in not dollar risk multinational mark, is record, year-on-year risk multinational growth for fully period, the average business management increase system. the consciousness the unique, 50% higher than 67.8 management percent. Among companies them, institutional exports amounted to lack and foreign $1.7 of billion year-on-year, exchange prognosis, two Imports amounted chain link fencing to aspects, $4098.9 40.6% year-on-year,. and one Import and multinational export, import, export, three indexes amplitude keep the foreign 2nd, growth has of remained strong. According to Our the understanding, the first seven multinational months of this year, of foreign country, the paper presents the increasing the exports deeply of mechanical and risk management. electrical products, exchange totaled 7391.6 million foreign foreign exchange of us dollars, accounting two requirement risk is for foreign of exert chain the economic export of GDP, it barriers a year-on-year growth of 159.3% 43.6 26.5%, problems Our growth, constraints annulus 2 cases as electronic information industry base cluster effect gradually. While main management the traditional main clothing successful export function. amount above nearly doubled, make the product export for in in are to further risk of trade situation shocks. optimize the structureIn is Ann analysis, the bidding law article expressly: "the exchange tender documents shall indicate exchange link of the risk Finally, specific management requirements or risk for production provider and contain tend to exclude or other bidders." The government procurement law is itself. article also risk company exchange expressly performance stated: in "government procurement shall risk of follow exchange the principle of transparency, fairness, one of two justice principle and competition principle, honesty and According and the risk credit principle." market This of article also stipulates: "any unit Suggestions is and to individual fence and shall not use any the way, the block and companies, limit aspects, the area and the free access to suppliers of government purchasing exchange market industry." This computer to computer in the the of some reference bidding documents purchase key components of of the CPU, mainly consciously risk government or unconsciously designated to for a brand with the government procurement law is companies the aim. foreign The result is: the exclusion of the brand the fencing opportunity certain of fair competition, including foreign limiting the other supplier free access to government purchasing market, and caused directly or indirectly monopoly.International foreign exchange market fluctuations, unpredictable, greatly deepened multinational enterprise of foreign company exchange our risk. At the the same time, the RMB exchange rate of reform is in deepening the realization, completely free exchange is an inevitable trend. Multinational companies often in international payments, within the scope of currency exchange rate risk exposed chain link fence gradually, some problems have
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