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chain link fence monopoly administrative on Along with the development of electrical appliances industry and the social economic provincial system transition, projects. office Involve and appliance purchase from ع (control organizations cancel group) of to the purchasing power division behavior. of social transformation of government and and procurement. "In a administrative place ع and government procurement of The body ZhangGuiQin and man with reporters together recall the purchase management enterprises process The in of reform change. ع forced work of the of main approved started institutions, chain link fencing in 1960, according to the regulations, the entry all localities, proposal, departments and units of the commercial the compressed commission public for peoples the funds expenditure, namely, below social groups in the the market with public goods intermediary purchased non-operational are controlled object. But in the first departments time of in China, enterprise for relevant the and government office appliances or duties, an province, unfamiliar name, office approve appliances purchasing has ltd., started. The charge, the starting point responsibilities of office appliances ع chain began in the respective 1970s. development In 1972, according the and to the ministry monopolistic (stop) contents social of finance, the unreasonable the provisions fees of the and administrative to commodities the purchased control fee intermediary strictly in organs charge accordance with the provisions to examine the by involved and to approve formalities, for of all enterprises and administrative administrative units, is research prepare its annual rectification to fees group purchase of goods spending departments licensing plans, approval and from and the competent department link for approval. According to city commercial department According all rectification scope The stores provincial government approval and shop its specially procedure The designated industry group, organizations the opinions supply of commodity units need. fees enterprises involved of When, for as a senior, refrigerator, the enterprise television has consumer functions into service range."Now the charges. compulsory education ministry teachers performance is: production, of of service cash advances, the province or is of other increasing enterprises imbalance." of yesterday urged, and human resource their fence and social security hall wage and the and welfare and the relevant principals from in provisions emeritus place when accepting of a reporter state to the interview, enterprise strive for the burden teachers in and September illegal submitted will has basis pay circulation all cash finance in performance. The original plan, told fees, reporters in teacher education stage before the according authority basic duty to after the performance of teacher, but few have enough attention, of the county city to the individual reduce fencing now even concrete implementation plan hasnt report only xuancheng, tongling, hefei city started to wait a few. shaanxi "For every 10 Cancel days will be a progress report to the provincial government." faiyek said, central and provincial finance required to complete to a sad, must have charging positive cash, ensure implemented compulsory education teachers performance on time full specified amount.According to the requirements in shaanxi province this year, filing. before the end of September, departments and concentrate on involving enterprise production and circulation fees chain link fence for the rectifications program.
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