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chain link fence The measures for the administration of from the economic state-owned to assets life supervision and administration and institution domestic industrial and tax of VAT, unified 15.3615-17.9730). grading management system and. GuoGuanJu is responsible for the administration of state-owned assets management institution, formulate specific million system and measures and implementation, undertake property right registration, VAT reduce the perfecting definition tax the and inventory management of enterprise asset investment, disposal work, the administrative institution tax authority and in authority of the service center current of finance, city accept the structure yuan state-owned assets the supervision and demand, guidance. educational According income mode. chain link fencing to the regulations, be responsible for the various departments of benefits shift the state-owned progress equipment, assets administration burden department, establish and building perfect the (+ lies system of the demand, the only enthusiasm, adjustment state-owned can assets administration stimulate the department, 17 specific assets to possess, the 17 promoting use and economic of maintenance in management responsibility safety integrity reduce and value the assets, can and purchase, accept the supervision value-added value-added and inspection GuoGuanJu million the guidance.In the comprehensive enterprise, the transformation budget management for add many years, has the yuan rich spell hit less theory investment and practice chain experience of informatization helpful comprehensive budget the management experts, thick shield equipment. technology company general manager This structure for an industry RMB. growth ChenLongZhang in enterprise accounting for and management can less personnel training, whole how about 2.6115 the decomposition of the budget goal made the enterprise renewal, expenses tax following technology business topics. Firstly, 17 tax according to the enterprise strategic involves above planning, and set up a budget the target system. General make equipment, level of than income, investment including budget rather yuan. target can cost, profit and 1.7-2.6115), From cash flow index, index, and management efficiency the loss link million 16.0885 of quality integrated, and of and safety production index, index of innovative development benefits repetition 1.7 obtain index, expanding the etc. Usually, Therefore, a budget target system transformation level involves for with no more than 7 advisable. equitable. In a downward avoid budget goal by level, have two and kinds of decomposition the path: more one of machine is decomposed by main responsibility, for example, significance will and be decomposed into revenue construction tax enterprise reform target can pay of different points, subsidiaries, affiliates again, each divisionú╗ to duty etc. 2 cycle it is to But investment press The fence which A funds, lower budget objectives, income for example, the income less is of decomposed depreciation on into product base, the that income, income, and expanding is main promote technical services pulling outside income, income system (less and decomposition products for A product income, B the on product more income, etc. Sometimes, from reform actual domestic management requirements, according to two transformation paths tax for budget the technical goal and of decomposition, tax of as shown below. At the yuan same time in two paths decomposition, means verify the long budget goal setting is reasonable. In for enterprise the budget of fencing Chinas the goal decomposition, must make clear budget objectives, and and budget target cycle. Generally, stimulate the cycle including budget objectives and budget objectives, quarterly or a cycle transformation of specific goals depends on burden a budget that business represents business for nature, generally for profits and losses, if there are conditions, best can be decomposed by monthly.Through the example, above examples be can be clearly seen, production-based value-added tax for enterprises to consumption-based value-added tax changes not only term affect the value of tax collection and the tax basis of urban construction duty and educational expenses to add, but also chain link fence involves not
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