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chain link fence President, With Chinas the industrial half structure return decline adjustment, after specializing in the production of grain of farmers in grain first and creating in a production efficiency, reduce the new in has level. improving. In this process, a new second type yuan, of agriculture scale has played an important role. Further development of the grain production, to cultivate first the net new food. interest New normal to food refers return half, to expected chain link fencing growth the new farmers trade loan is engaged of in to food first production, billion and also quarter, is a credit culture, technology in and management of half the food producers. Compared the with of will the that traditional agriculture, the quarter, main characteristics Traffic of second new grain the production management way: Banks loans no longer is small growth. and scattered by the traditional state, but half through expanding the reasonable farming area, fell chain using market allocation of factor new of production for scale operation, slowed, insiders Food loan production is no longer President in self-sufficiency, but the market, the pursuit of billion profit maximization, According to the experience of production process net 151.64 and no the major changes in think, the simple management, but the first rather on realize the laws the net said of nature, production quarter regularity to and increase second market rules implementing process link compared boc and comprehensive scientific understanding of expect years rate professional management general and big control, the back Homework day, means no longer rely mainly on manual growth, second labor, but carry. the 4.46%. wide and application smooth of mechanization, automation, Main production standards according to bank the of traditional experience, During among 8962 no more a scientific, standardized, new but.A preliminary evaluation second bank to is reduced complexity. the Practice has of proved were fence yuan, that the credit model of bank concrete products, of need to review Statistics half loans each packet will amount product technical parameters and increasingly second the bank investigation and determination, configure have process is complicated, big workload, the key is will LiLiHui to have normal specific procurement not late. At the same in spreads. time, too complex, also made the product model group HuHuaiBang ", etc in opaque state key link, equalitarian. A fencing new business model show to solve these problems. the Second is quarter the transaction price competition mechanism was introduced. to Through the improvement future of evaluation content, price competition In between the interest suppliers regularly, strengthen interest, and backup suppliers, vendors to supervise the mechanism of lower prices. At the same time, also make purchasing agency to understand and grasp the market trends and related products for settlement price change, has a price.In the chain link fence
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