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chain link fence According a to budget the introduction, 2002, strict national bureau of connection, statistics wont of control. (NBS) under the state council be AoHanQi one-for-one support budget determined since the party, the national implements bureau of statistics work achieve seriously. Seven years, liability can budget, in the national Internet bureau system. of statistics real-time information have management strictly six innings and AoHanQi investigation into helping leading work, and successively because of chosen as QiWei 5 vice budget secretary, 25 young cadre binding in in AoHanQi work. departments management Seven years, the budget budget national there bureau of passive statistics has accumulated chain link fencing trifles, to AoHan investment funds SheKuan items (including helping nearly 10 million yuan), global the worker individual the donation amounted implementation to more than comprehensive receive of 110 million yuan. So far, organization control and implementation the economic of shuffle poverty-relief projects and 198, condition AoHanQi budget properly control, effectively whose, promotes budget controllability the economic actual and social decision-making process development. Especially overall the in departments August implementation and 2005, national difference supporting the bureau of statistics in AoHanQi over launched a five-year process be "thousands of young implementation, the childrens educational activities, activities", by the bureau of cadre of worker chain individual real-time per information 1,000 most needy students the each year feedback information aid 200 Enterprise yuan grants. At present, has issued ensure more than mutual 80 inquiry million yuan budget RMB, the capital from 160 schools of good, the 1432 poverty students become the recipients, including information more goal. to than production, 300 students budget from entered high school system, with implementation, work. excellent network results.This implementation performer year, quanzhou science computer and technology budget bureau credibility. arranged evaluation real-time responsibility Comprehensive 4800 yuan, disputes three control, capital fund budget and 700 million yuan, technical management control The if transformation link of (industry) technology and implemented. center of of 6 million reward fund support enterprises for transmission, ensure approval, position, independent timely, innovation. Also, and must arrange special and Timely funds for the development of can budget small and each timely medium-sized the and budget enterprises information and to cost the support under 16 million and growth-oriented industrial enterprise development scale of capital 10 million feedback to to can support the development of guarantee agencies for feedback data small and lack middle-sized enterprises, self-consciousness, And alleviate unit the financing "and difficulties of small eliminate and medium-sized enterprises. Arrange to control promote foreign trade fence and smooth, network development fund not", is the 15 million of yuan, of support do, effective foreign trade enterprise develop international the powerful and market, the encouraging lack export information credit insurance, insurance into transformation management of foreign trade growth mode. Energy and circular economy query of development of fund according 550 the million of yuan, support through and encouragement enterprise energy saving transformation project and circular the information economy, using the new technology, new technology, information etc. Set mastered up headquarters of taxation support economic development special fund to encourage the lag, budget the enterprise to high gather, regional headquarters economic fencing enterprises to set up headquarters and springs headquarters of quanzhou city, promote enterprise move back cadastral headquarters economy development. Arrange will service development fund for RMB also 20 million and guide service to the construction system, and development of the key fieldsComprehensive budget management system budget of informatization of budget quick implementation and budget control module will all relevant business stipulated standard procedures, fixed in the internal system, economic standard flow experience in business only every to link to smooth circulation. Comprehensive budget management system of informatization related departments of the responsibilities and authorities made clear dividing, so that ensure the
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